A few nice iPad News images I found:

Cello Joe playing near Apple Store as iPad 2 went on sale Hipstamatic HIP_321593260.023794
iPad News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Cello Joe has toured the US, Mexico, and europe on his bile


Some photos of iPad 2 launch day


Cool IPhone News images

A few nice iPhone News images I found:

San Francisco Apple employees as iPhone 5s & 5c go on sale
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Some of these photos are available at


The #iPhoneline the night before


Past #iPhone & #apple photos


#iphone5s #sanfrancisco #applestore #iphone5c

San Francisco Apple store employees just before iPhone 5s went on sale at 8 am
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Some of these photos are available at


The #iPhoneline the night before


Past #iPhone & #apple photos


#iphone5s #sanfrancisco #applestore #iphone5c

A Week in Tokyo 86

A few nice iPad News images I found:

A Week in Tokyo 86
iPad News
Image by Danny Choo
Picked up a Buffalo 1Seg tuner for my iPad which allows me to watch TV on it. Pretty handy to have around the workspace when I cant be in front of the TV for news. Quality is 1Seg though meaning very pixelated but the sound is quite decent.

View more at www.dannychoo.com/post/en/26909/A+Week+in+Tokyo+86.html

AEA Minneapolis Sketchnotes - Andy Clarke
iPad News
Image by Mike Rohde
Sketchnotes and photos captured in Minneapolis, MN for An Event Apart 2011, August 8-9, 2011.

Check out my AEA post on Rohdesign.com for more info on my sketchnotes.

You can download a 6.5 MB PDF version of these notes, convenient for printing or viewing on an iPad.

Follow me on Twitter at @rohdesign

Check out these iPhone News images:

Line for iPhone 5s at San Francisco Apple store
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Some of these photos are available at


The line the night before


Past iPhone & apple photos


#iphoneline #applestore #apple #sanfrancisco #iphone5s

Subway Time
iPhone News
Image by MTAPhotos
MTA Chairman and CEO Joseph J. Lhota and MTA New York City Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast in Grand Central Terminal on Fri., December 28, 2012 where they announced the launch of the Subway Time app. The program allows customers to determine the location of the nearest subway from their iPhones, iPads, and computers. Currently available on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 lines and the 42nd Street Shuttle, Subway Time is expected to be expanded as infrastructure allows.

Photo: MTA New York City Transit/Marc Hermann.

Cool IPhone News images

Some cool iPhone News images:

Illegal Crown Structure
iPhone News
Image by stevegarfield


"Last month, the city filed a court complaint against Luberto, saying he ignored an order to remove the crown.

"It is a structure," said Bill Good, commissioner of the Inspectional Services Department. "He built it without a permit. We gave him 24 hours to get a permit, and he has not complied."

Luberto argues that the crown is a temporary Christmas decoration that doesn't require a permit."

And we wonder why some in NYC think we all have farms in Cincinnati
iPhone News
Image by Just Nora
Seriously, is this the best pathetic breaking news WCPO could come up
with this am? What an embarrassment. No news outlet should feel proud
of this as quality breaking (or otherwise) news.

#googlerally @google don't be evil
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

Google was a strong supporter of Net Neutrality


until they made an announcement with Verizon



More coverage











He'll be covering the rally


Public policy groups rallied online & gathered 300.000 signatures


Latest Apple TV News News

Sarah De Bono
Apple TV News
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
The Voice Finalists perform live at Warringah Mall, Sydney, Australia

Darren Percival, Sarah De Bono and Rachael Leahcar enjoyed a public appearance at Warringah Mall, on Sydney's northern beaches this afternoon.

The former contestants on Channel Nine's 'The Voice' were there to promote their music of course.

Hundreds of passionate fans showed up to offer their support and a few lucky ones who bought CD's of their favourite performers from 'The Voice' got them autographed. Their music can also be enjoyed via iTunes.

Nova sponsored the event.

Music remains a popular medium in the reality TV industry. The Voice (U.S) is currently screening on Australian TV, but has not enjoyed the same ratings success as the Australian version.

We wish all of the performing artists well as their careers continue to evolve in front of appreciative Australian audiences.


iTunes - Sarah De Bono


The Voice (Australia)


Warringah Mall




Channel Nine


Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr


Eva Rinaldi Photography


Music News Australia


Check out these iPad News images:

Media coverage of Apple iPad launch
iPad News
Image by Steve Rhodes

Some of these photos are at


and some from the night before (which are also in this set)


We have the projector showing Apple Tablet news on the wall at @unraveltheweb see
iPad News
Image by waynesutton12

Some cool iPhone News images:

Flash GUIMark: 4.45 fps average
iPhone News
Image by schoschie
Just stumbled across this interesting Ars Technica article about Benchmarking Flash Player 10 (via Daring Fireball). As DF's Gruber puts it:

Performance still sucks on Mac OS X compared to Windows Vista. Using the exact same computer (four-core 2.66 GHz Mac Pro with 6 GB of RAM), Hulu video playback consumes 56 percent CPU on Mac OS X 10.5 vs. just 7 percent on Vista. Flash video playback is about eight times more efficient on Windows. And yet people wonder why Apple isn’t anxious to get Flash on the iPhone.

Indeed – I'm constantly pissed off by the pathetic performance of Flash on OS X. It's very easy for me to tell if a web page uses Flash content – and be it only the most trivial little ad banner with some animated effects: my PowerBook's 2 fans start up immediately and the system is maxed out at 100% CPU load. Everything else on the machine becomes so slow, it's almost standing still, and the only cure is to close the page containing that Flash movie.

Most Flash content on normal web pages is advertising. It's a nuisance, but there are ways to get rid of it. In Camino, for instance, Flash content has to be manually activated by default (until you click on it, a placeholder is displayed for every Flash movie). For Safari, there is Safari Stand which adds a similar blocking functionality.

[Update 20090227: There is a webkit plug-in (for Safari et al.) called clicktoflash that does exactly this: github.com/rentzsch/clicktoflash/tree/master]

But what about pages you visit explicitly for looking at their Flash content? The most obvious example is YouTube. Whenever I want to check out some YouTube clips, I have to live with my Mac becoming an expensive desk calculator, because that's about as much as it can be used for while playing FLV movies.

My PowerBook G4 is almost 5 years old now, but Flash performance still sucks even on those newer machines that are about 5 or 6 times as powerful as mine. Why is that? Sloppy coding? Is the Flash plug-in developed on Windows and then half-heartedly ported to OS X? Or is it a conspiracy by Adobe who are secretly controlled by Microsoft to kill the competition?

I found some answers in a blog post about Flash Player 10 pre-release by one of the developers working on Flash at Adobe:

In a comment further down on that page, someone wrote:

[...] Even with Flash Player 10 beta 2, the performance under OSX is approximately half that of Windows XP. It is approximately 28fps under OSX and around 58fps under Windows XP.

So even the very latest version of Flash Player 10 under OSX is about half the speed of Windows!

The frustrating thing is that Adobe has not given any clear reason to account for the lack of performance.

Another puzzling thing is that Adobe is now saying that the text rendering has been very slow in the past, it has now identified the bottleneck and fixed it. But why has this bottleneck taken so long to find? The implication seems to be that no-one at Adobe has even tried to sort out the performance problems by profiling the code.

So with no explanation for the dramatic difference in speed on the same hardware under different operating systems, it is beginning to look like Adobe not only does not know why there is such a dramatic speed difference, but it has never made the effort to find out.

So Adobe - any answers as to why OSX is STILL so slow, or has no one done the work to identify the problem?

To which the blog author replied:

[...] Please read my comment on the GUIMark site. I was very clear about why there is still a difference. The standalone player is only about 10-20% slower than the windows version with this specific benchmark.

This rest can be attributed to gcc. Even Apple has had finally enough and is starting to develop a replacement based on LLVM: developer.apple.com/releasenotes/DeveloperTools/RN-llvm-g... (I said starting, this is not even close to being production ready)

"But why has this bottleneck taken so long to find?"

Because this benchmark hits a very specific area in the player which can't be seen with real content. GUIMark is a benchmark, not real content.

For the record I, other developers and QE run Shark and other performance tools, manually and automated. All the time.

So it seems my cynical fears of conspiracy or Adobe maliciously ignoring performance of Flash on OS X are unfounded. They are in fact trying to make it run as fast as possible everywhere, but they are not doing as well as on Windows. The reasons are pretty technical, as that same blogger explains in his comment on the GUIMark site (which he refers to in the above reply):

We have identified the bottleneck in the Flash Player for OSX. Like in the other plugins the culprit is text rendering, in this case rendering using device text. This benchmark spends >50% in a single OSX function: ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds. You can verify this yourself using Shark. I am working on a change which will cache the results returned by that API to where this call should completely disappear from the performance profile.

Googling for the function in question brought me to a page from Apple's developer documentation on which it says:

Note: Although the function ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds (formerly named ATSUMeasureText) returns the typographical ascent and descent values, using this function to obtain ascent and descent values might degrade performance. You should not use ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds to obtain these values.

[Emphasis mine]
So – sloppy coding, after all?

(Full documentation for ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds)

The above screenshot is the performance graph of my machine running the GUIMark benchmark. Current windows PCs run this same benchmark at about ten times the speed. It's frustrating, but it seems things will get better.

By the way, the performance of Flash on OS X is the reason why the iPhone does not play Flash content within web pages, and why there is a special application just for YouTube (which probably uses a specially optimized decoder and player for Flash video (FLV) data, but cannot play Flash movies per se.)


Release Notes for Flash Player version 10 (Adobe)

I'm embarrased I read Coffee News, but I must find some value in it.
iPhone News
Image by .imelda
From the Pearland/Manvel Edition of Coffee News.

The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. - Linus Pauling

Japan Stations Fight Suicides
iPhone News
Image by shibuya246
Recently, these blue lights that have been installed at a number of JR
stations were in the news, explaining how they help prevent suicides,
especially people jumping in front if trains.

Research has shown that the emission of the blue light has a calming
effect on people and makes them feel less depressed or worried about
things. Maybe companies need to install them as well.

I remember reading about this research a few years back. Looks like
the idea has now gone mainstream. Don't confuse these blue lights with
the ones you see in stores to zap insects at night. Those are
definitely not for the calming effect.

In keeping with the Eco theme, the lights are LED.

Do you have similar lights or devices in your part of the world?