Nice IPad News photos

Check out these iPad News images:

Night-table reading: not very Christmas-y. A re-read, obviously.
iPad News
Image by Jose C Silva
Yes, I keep a notepad by the bed side. One never knows when a great idea will arrive. Note the lanyard holding a pen.

Also, a Kindle and my iPad 1.0, which still serves as a News/RSS/Email/Social media access machine -- before getting up and all. Nope, I don't have a problem. No problem at all. Nope-issimo. Nein. Nyet. Ye.

(Yeah, I didn't pay the to remove special offers from the Kindle; they don't bother me.)

Kateleen Prevost found a place to belong at NWCC
iPad News
Image by BC Gov Photos
Kateleen Prevost has found a place to belong at Northwest Community College's culinary arts program. Kateleen and her fellow students have access to equipment found in professional kitchens, including an oven that can be programed with an iPad.

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