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Line for iPhone 5s at San Francisco Apple store
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Some of these photos are available at

The line the night before

Past iPhone & apple photos

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The Bridge on the River Kwai digitally restored at the Castro
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

through Sept 16th

I was a bit surprised to see it is not being shown on film but "Digital ‘Scope"

"digitally restored from the original negatives to create this stunning new 2k DCP."

There will be a blu-ray DVD in November

Jeffrey Anderson writes:

"According to a press release, the original negative was newly scanned at 4K, and from there all the restoration work was completed. The color was corrected, scratches and dirt were removed, and rips and tears were mended. In addition, some mismatched dissolves were also corrected. Apparently there was even a malfunctioning camera that resulted in a few unwanted effects that have all been corrected.

Now, thanks to the digital transfer, the film can be shown in is proper aspect ratio of 2.55:1 instead of being cropped for 2.35:1.

Finally, the real screenwriting credits are restored, including the formerly blacklisted Michael Wilson and Carl Foreman."

This has a bit more detail

iPhone 4 line on launch day at San Francisco Apple Store 259
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

Chris Bank got in line at midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

Joseph Lobato got in line on Tuesday

My interview with them Tuesday afternoon

Photos from Tues & Wednesday

Some of those photos on Demotix

Alexia interviews them

Yukari Iwatani Kane interviews them

(there are pictures of both of them doing interviews in the other flickr set)

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