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iPhone 4 line on launch day at San Francisco Apple Store 206
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

Chris Bank got in line at midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

Joseph Lobato got in line on Tuesday

My interview with them Tuesday afternoon

Photos from Tues & Wednesday

Some of those photos on Demotix

Alexia interviews them

Yukari Iwatani Kane interviews them

(there are pictures of both of them doing interviews in the other flickr set)

The completely restored municipal albergue in Melide will be open in 4 days! Great news for the pilgrims. 2pics.
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Image by Fresco Tours
Fresco Tours
Bilbao, Spain

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Thanh Nguyen was first in line at the San Francisco
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
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The #iPhoneline the night before

Past #iPhone & #apple photos

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iPhone Home Page

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iPhone Home Page
iPhone News
Image by Danny Choo
My second Home Page.
Taberogu (the orange one with chopsticks): Tells me what sort of restaurants are nearby my current location by genre. Found a Thai restaurant nearby recently!
1Password: All Mac users should use this app to manage their passwords - and yes I've tried a few in my time.
NYTimes: The app will be similar.
Y Chizu: Yahoo maps.
Nikkei: Can read the Nikkei Japanese newspaper for free.
iDracula: Fun shooting monsters with a load of weapons. I last a whole 7 mins and it still calls me a noob.
iFighter: Me likes the 1942 type shooting games.
FieldRunners: Place weapons here n there to shoot little men and stop them from getting to the other side of the screen.
TUAW ( Catch up with my Mac news here.
Slicehost Pro: I control,, and the goodsmile site from this app. Slicehost is a hosting company.
Gas Tycoon: Puzzle game.
MemStatus: I think this was the only app Apple forgot to delete from the store that cleans your iPhone memory. Dont use it much though but it does work.
VoiceMemo: Use it to take voice notes on the move.

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San Francisco Apple store employees just before iPhone 5s went on sale at 8 am
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Some of these photos are available at

The #iPhoneline the night before

Past #iPhone & #apple photos

#iphone5s #sanfrancisco #applestore #iphone5c


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Apple TV News
Image by gTarded
I've had my NASA News iPhone app for a few days and I finally had a chance to get my money's worth with this evening's landing. I was driving downtown Las Vegas and had this on my dash. I took a few screen captures to record the moment. WiFi is not necessary. Now I'm looking forward to the next launch.

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Some cool iPad News images:

iPad News
Image by fabola

Carsten at Engro Daharki News
iPad News
Image by Green Office Engro
Carsten Mueller from German Consulate
Visits Engro’s Plants & CSR Projects

Karachi, Mar 11, 2016: During a recent visit by Mr. Carsten Mueller, Consul & Deputy Head of Mission, German Consulate was taken on a tour of Engro’s various plants and facilities located in the interior of Sindh. He was accompanied by Mr. Wajid Hussain Junejo, Head of Procurement & Materials Management at Engro and Director of the board of German Pakistan Trade & Investment.

Carsten Mueller was initially taken to the flagship fertilizer business of the group located in Daharki where he had the opportunity to witness the world’s largest single train urea project and 5th largest Ammonia Urea facility across the globe. Following this the Consul & Deputy Head of Mission was taken to the Sahara Welfare Society which runs schools, medical centers and skill development centers for girls of the neighboring areas so as to help better their standards of living and further Engro’s philosophy of deploying inclusive business models for the communities that hosts their plants and facilities.

Engro Foundation’s flagship CSR project at Ghotki “Technical Training Center,” also runs in the same area, where boys from the surrounding villages receive various skills training such as Mechanical, Electrical, Welding, Machining and Chemical trades. The first batch that graduated from the center achieved 100% employment. After his tour of the training center, Mr. Carsten Mueller was taken to Engro’s state-of-the-art power plant located in Qadirpur. The Qadirpur plant is one of country’s first ‘green power plants’ since it uses permeate (flare) gas to produce 217 MW power whilst reducing carbon emissions by decreasing the flare at the gas field.

During his visit Mr. Carsten Mueller stated: “I did not expect the countryside of northern Sindh to be so welcoming. I am extremely surprised, by what Engro in its variety of companies has set up in the region. The working environment is world-class – an aspect I could not have imagined. Corporate Social Responsibility is what creates a world of better living for the people you are dealing with. What Engro Corporation’s team has shown me during this trip, starting from Sahara School to the Women Empowerment Initiative in Sukkur, was tremendously amazing. All of this is only possible because of the personal involvement of the Company’s people.” Mr. Carsten also took the opportunity to thank Engro Corporation for providing him with a better understanding of the Company, the work it does and the Pakistani people.

During his trip Mr. Carsten Mueller also visited Engro Foods Sukkur plant and was given a presentation on Engro Foundation’s WELD (Women Empowerment in Livestock Development) project which trains the local women to earn their livelihood through livestock development. Some of the beneficiaries of the project were presented with iPads by Mr. Carsten Mueller.

The trip concluded with a visit to the “Engro Thalassemia Center” at Sukkur which has now been converted to a general hospital serving need-based patients on a self-sustained basis.

In the end Mr. Carsten thanked Engro and Wajid Hussain Junejo for organizing such a marvelous trip and rated Engro as one of the World Class organizations brightening the name of Pakistan around the globe.

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51st anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day in San Francisco 165
MacBook News
Image by Steve Rhodes
They showed three videos projected from a macbook.

I am Tibetan

a response to it made in India

and a music video

More photos of the March 10th protest

Also see my photos of the 2008 protests over the China Olympic torch

A few of these photos are at

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A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Police mobile command 2 at SF Library prob for @nojusticenobart #opbart
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Image by Steve Rhodes
More photos at

videos at

Smurfs on the loose warning! Don't be fooled by their cuteness
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Image by Steve Rhodes
12 brief videos i took

coverage of the march and over 35 arrests

County iPhone App - Emergency Information
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Image by fairfaxcounty
Using mobile devices before, during and after emergencies has become critical. Our new mobile emergency homepage is your optimized resource for the latest updates about major incidents or weather events that includes text/email alerts, social media updates, emergency RSS news feed, important phone numbers, seasonal preparedness information, recovery resources, mobile weather forecast, and links to key county, state and federal emergency agencies.

Get the app:

County apps and information: