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Boston Police Bomb Squad responding to threat at Bank of America branch at Berklee School of Music: Pedestrians & fire trucks
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Image by Chris Devers
Universal Hub: Here we go again: Suspicious package at Back Bay bank

Boston Police tweet the bomb squad scrambled to respond to a report of a suspicious package at the Bank of America branch at 133 Massachusetts Ave. around 3 p.m.
Hmm, Bank of America? Branch in college neighborhood? Could it be another dummy?

Beijing Apple Store iPhone 4s Release
iPhone News
Image by Liz Phung
Apple announced last week that the iPhone 4S will be released Friday, January 13th at 7am at the Beijing branches.

By 9pm the night before the release, large lines formed around the store and into the public square. Most individuals lined up are scalpers and will sell them for thousands (RMB) more than their retail value.

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