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Some cool iPhone News images:

Cool Toys Pic(s) of the Day (ahem, Week) - Grid Republic, BioArtography, uChek, The Wait We Carry, Own a Colour
iPhone News
Image by rosefirerising
I seem to be going through a rough patch schedule-wise, which is
interfering with the usual daily Cool Toys posts. So, for this week, here's
a round-up of things I wanted to post this week, and would have posted if I
hadn't needed to sleep.

[image: Inline image 1]

Grid Republic:

Remember the SETI@Home project? Where people gave permission for their
computer power to be shared with the SETI project whenever the screensaver
kicked in? Same idea, but closer to home. Share your computer cycles with
projects for the biological and health sciences, and related topics. My eye
was caught by this example they'd posted.

Areas with low malaria rates 'need mass vaccination':

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I'd love this even if it wasn't from the University of Michigan! I've been
a huge fan of beautiful science photography from labs for DECADES. You
don't want to know how excited I get over the Nikon Small World Contest.
But getting my hands on the pictures is a different matter. I beg for the
free calendars my colleagues get from life science suppliers. I wander
through the lab buildings when I have an excuse snapping surreptitious
iPhone pics of pretty postings on the walls. Here, UM is selling prints and
posters and cards (oh my) of gorgeous photographs from campus labs, with
the proceeds going to fund conference travel expenses for grad students and
students, BRILLIANT!!!

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I could not resist. uChek is an app + device to turn your iPhone into a
portable urinalysis lab. How cool is that? More info about other tech uses
for urine in my blogpost over at ETechLib:

Random Round-up: 16 Cool Things Tech is Doing with Pee:

[image: Inline image 4]

The Wait We Carry:

Heart wrenching, beautiful, fascinating data visualization of the stats and
stories of United States Veterans waiting for health care coverage to treat
their injuries and related health and mental health complications. The
dataviz starts and ends with stories, offering a window from the war into
the lives of real soldiers who've returned from the wars. There is an
enormous amount of data, which can be sliced and diced in many ways. Want
to know how your state compares? You can do that. Veterans from Operation
Iraqi Freedom? Yes, you can break the info out by conflict. Both? Sure, why
not. Go, explore.

[image: Inline image 5]

Own A Colour:

Because it's gorgeous, and clever. Own a Colour, developed by Glidden
Paints, is one of the most innovative fundraising apps I've seen. Choose
one of the millions of colors that can be displayed on modern high
resolution monitors, claim it, say why you love it, and donate the funds to

Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

The Victoria's Secret "brand manager" told me I couldn't take photos of the store.

I told him I had taken many photos already of the store in the Westin St Francis Building.

He said I couldn't take photos there either.

I pointed out Black Friday is a news event & he couldn't stop people from taking photos from a public sidewalk.

He said he still didn't want anyone to and threatened to call security on me, so I didn't get to point out to him that Victoria's Secret publishes 400 million catalogs a year with many of the same images.

Plus advertising, tv shows, and even an iPhone app

Then I took these photos from a distance

12 Days of Shopping

Submit up to 5 Black Friday images to Picture Black Friday until Dec 6th, 2009 (and the best will be displayed sometime after that)

photos from 2007 which included a colorful BND march

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