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Inaugural General Meeting of Pedal Power A.C.T. Cyclists' Association Jan. 1975
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Image by spelio
In the archives of Malcolm

A history of Pedal Power under way, and the story of volunteering ...

Volunteers are central to nearly everything we do at Pedal Power ACT, and have been since our early days.

One of our volunteers, Bryan Kalms, is working on a project documenting the 40 year history of Pedal Power ACT (you can read more about the project here).

A member since 2007, Bryan says he initially joined Pedal Power ACT from an interest in urban design and the impact urban design had on the development of cycle infrastructure. Since then he’s volunteered on many projects, from helping review the new website, to running a mountain biking group once a week.

Bryan has been looking for a history project, and with 40 years and 245 editions of the newsletter, years of magazines and many people to interview, the project means he’s getting to know the history of the organisation inside out.

Although Bryan is only two months into the project, some key trends are already clear.

“Pedal Power has been extremely effective as an advocacy group, which has become apparent through my history research. Pedal Power’s volunteers have changed the physical face of Canberra though their advocacy work,” says Bryan.

“It’s amazing how much work the Pedal Power volunteers actually do, and the how many years they stay with the organisation.”

Bill PRO 6mo

My Easter morning serving of Krebs & Sumatra
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Image by readerwalker
One of the churches I walked past on the way to Starbucks on Copeland and Tennessee. I've begun to think of this new Starbucks as my grandmother's, because her last name was Copeland and she lived in Tennessee (Chattanooga) and she liked coffee. Reminded me of an old News From Lake Wobegone in the 1980s when Garrison Keillor talked about what he called The Church of Sunday Brunch that many people attended faithfully in place of whatever church they might have grown up attending.

Krebs was J. S. Bach's best student and a great (underappreciated) composer himself – I especially like his pipe organ music, which I also have a 5 CD set of. And to compliment it the Starbucks brewed coffee this morning included Sumatra (my first cup at about 8:30, early for me) and Sulawesi (my free refill), two of my favorites.

The public library book I'm finishing reading here (70 pages left) will be the 20th Donna Leon Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery that I've read, a writer and series I discovered only three months ago. Mysteries are a genre I've almost completely ignored for decades, before getting hooked on these Brunetti mysteries, which are a great way to learn about Venice in depth (not the superficial tourist sightseeing and shopping experience).

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