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Astronauts in space shuttle direct MQ-1 Predators exploring the moon surface
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Image by loomingy1
Astronauts in Space Shuttle Endeavour direct MQ-1 Predators exploring the moon surface. (Good News!) NASA Space Shuttle (Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, Columbia, Challenger, Enterprise) Composite Pictures eBook by Luming Marr is published for Kindle eReader, iPhone and PC. For more information, please go to or rl=node%3D133141011&field-keywords=space +shuttle+composite+pictures&x=15&y=20 (Kindle store) and search for ”Space Shuttle Composite Pictures” or “Luming Marr”. To parents and teachers: this eBook is a great education tool to inspire the imagination and interest of Science and Discovery to your young children and students and share the laugh with them in the same time. Thank you very much! The MQ-1 Predator is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, remotely piloted aircraft. The MQ-1's primary mission is interdiction and conducting armed reconnaissance against critical, perishable targets. The MQ-1 Predator is a system, not just an aircraft. A fully operational system consists of four aircraft (with sensors), a ground control station, a Predator Primary Satellite Link, and approximately 55 personnel for deployed 24-hour operations. The MQ-1 Predator carries the Multi-spectral Targeting System with inherent AGM-114 Hellfire missile targeting capability and integrates electro-optical, infrared, laser designator and laser illuminator into a single sensor package. The aircraft can employ two laser-guided Hellfire anti-tank missiles with the MTS ball. Credits: Pictures of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the moon surface with the earth are from NASA. Picture of the Predator is from U.S. Air Force. This Photoshop composite picture was created by Luming Marr on September 30, 2005. Please note the event depicted in this picture and caption did NOT really happen in the way as shown. Good Photoshop graphic design concept and calendar publishing idea example. Good photography course textbook supplemental reference and practice picture material. 美國太空總署奮進號太空梭太空人遙控掠食者無人機到月亮表面搜索探查。美国太空总署奋进号太空梭太空人遥控掠食者无人机到月亮表面搜索探查。

Thanh Nguyen was first in line at the San Francisco
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Image by Steve Rhodes
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