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Space Shuttle Endeavour slows down to let the lady taking a picture
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Image by loomingy1
Space Shuttle slows down to let the lady taking a picture. (Good News!) NASA Space Shuttle (Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, Columbia, Challenger, Enterprise) Composite Pictures eBook by Luming Marr is published for Kindle eReader, iPhone and PC. For more information, please go to rl=node%3D133141011&field-keywords=space +shuttle+composite+pictures&x=15&y=20 (Kindle store) and search for “Luming Marr”. To parents and teachers: this eBook is a great education tool to inspire the imagination and interest of Science and Discovery to your young children and students and share the laugh with them in the same time. Thank you very much! Photo Credits: Picture of space shuttle is from NASA. Picture of Predator with the scenery is from U.S. Air Force. Picture of a woman taking a photo at an air show is from U.S. Marine Corps by Lance Cpl. John A. Cosentino. A women takes a second to capture a photo of the Harrier demonstration during Freindship Day at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. Friendship Day is an annual event held at the air station to celebrate friendship between Japanese and Americans. Events include an air show, live bands, and many booths with Japanese and American foods. This Photoshop composite picture was created by Luming Marr on October 29, 2005. Please note the event depicted in this picture and caption did NOT really happen in the way as shown. Good Photoshop graphic design concept and calendar publishing idea example. Good photography course textbook supplemental reference and practice picture material.

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