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A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Robert Duvall @Castro_Theatre #sfiff
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
He said they did screentests for the Godfather in San Francisco on

Apocalypse Now "At first it was a bit of overkill my character was
called Colonel Carnage"

First film he produced was We're not the jetset on trick riders George
Jones & Tammy Wynette waived the ,000 fee for the song

The Apostle only got made when he put his own money into it

More photos

Essay on Duvall

Get Low which was shown at the Castro

1879 Newspaper
iPhone News
Image by polomex
The disastrous fire that destroyed the city of Deadwood early on the morning of September 26, 1879, was first reported in this issue of the Black Hills Evening News, available later that same day. The News seems to have been a temporary publication of the Black Hills Daily Times.

(I found it outrageous that photography was not allowed in the museum. There were so many neat things that I wanted to remember! I sniped a few pics with my iPhone.)

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