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T Boone Burnett on Last Picture Show & American Graffiti
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Image by Steve Rhodes
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They were two of the first films he saw that showed what music could
do in a film

Even though he knew of Hank Williams before Last Picture Show, but he
immediately went out & bought the soundtrack & he really got how
soulful Williams could be

parents had a really good collection of 78s

Ella Fitzgerald Cole Porter songbook

I've been listening to music constantly for 50 years

Group portrait #cellotweetup is over but I have a feeling @zoecello & @petergregson will organize more so follow them
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Image by Steve Rhodes
though Peter lives in London, so they may be on different continents

The first cellotweetup was organized by

and (visiting from England)

who wrote audio will be posted (there was also someone making a video - you might be able to find more info at though at some point twitter search may not find the hashtag)

Five other cellists joined them including

Thea Lawson -
Rod Williams -

Mark Growden went home to get his cello

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A few more photos

and my photos of cellist Bonfire Madigan

who plays Sept 27th at Cafe du Nord

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