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Semper Fi my friends
iPhone News
Image by Ben Northern
I met a good group of young while on my biz trip to D.C.. Whatever politics you believe in doesn't change that these guys believe in our country and are doing what they feel is right. It's to easy these days for us to just see it as TV characters on the 6:00 news. These are real men. So I bought them a few rounds, and had a few smokes, and they got to talk to just one guy out of millions that appreciate their sacrifice.

Until you can stand up and are willing to take a bullet for something you believe in, then you better just walk on home boy.

Stay safe fellas.

Guy in #muni station says can't take photos
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

It was the guy closest to me.

After I took a few photos of him & the police he called after me, walked up & said I couldn't photograph in the paid area (this was the only photo I took in the paid area before he approached me - after he talked to me, I took this iphone photo and posted it to flicker/twitter )

I told him he was wrong There had been a protest in 2005 & muni clarified their policy

Update here is a muni photo policy from 2010

This photo (which shows my back in a creative commons shirt) has links to some of the coverage back then

The 3 photos I took before he told me there was no photography (only one in the paid area)

25 photos from #munishutdown

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