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iPhone News
Image by colemama
On a warm afternoon walk, I stumbled upon this colorful abstract sculpture installed on (of all things) the city's Art Center! 🙂 The busy-ness reminded me of a typical Monday (how do Mondays manage to be so much busier than the other weekdays?) and the randomness easily reflects some of today's school news - re-shuffling principals in the district. There's likely a plan that is based on data and/or other pedagogical frameworks, but I'm not sure that has been communicated with the public...at least, not to their satisfaction! Hopefully, the whimsical nature of this sculpture will also play a role in the aftermath of these announcements! Cambier Park, Naples, FL

Oscar Grant's 6 yr old daughter Tatiana at an Oakland rally #OscarGrant
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
Also other members of his family and friends who were with him when he was killed

Her aunt read a letter to the judge calling for the maximum 14 prison term

Better photos of her


Bay area ports were shut down today by the ILWU

Some photos


Some photos from Indybay


my video of the ILWU Drill Team performing


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