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Things were fine @ #occupysf #christmas #ows #oo #osf
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Image by Steve Rhodes

24 of these photos also at

Deck the Halls (occupy food version)

Jingle Bells (occupy version)


Many more Occupy photos

Some cool iPhone News images:

In other news, @thedouglasfir found this picture of my workspace from years and jobs ago
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Image by FishHeadNed
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Mobile 2.0: Design and Develop for the iPhone and Beyond
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Image by phempsall
Tim references a workshop held by Brian Fling at the Web 2.0 Expo

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How to Navigate the New World of Publishing - New Writers Litquake 2010 2010-10-0466
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Image by Steve Rhodes

Moderated by Scott James

who writes fiction as

Ethan Nosowsky is Editor-at-Large for Graywolf Pres

He is Stephen Elliott's editor & they talked about how he has promoted The Adderall Diaries & the new iPhone/iPad app

Literary agent Amy Rennert

Eileen Gittins

She showed the paperback of the book by Pat Tillman's mother & former LA Times & Chron editor Narda Zacchino which they published

Jay A. Hartman held up the Rocket Reader he bought 12 years ago this week. He said the Sony Reader is the most popular ebook device in Europe.

His ebook company

Brenda Knight

She said Wordcatcher sold 1000 copies after this interview

Litquake continues through Oct 9, 2010

Photos from Litquake's opening awards

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Sarah De Bono
Apple TV News
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer
The Voice Finalists perform live at Warringah Mall, Sydney, Australia

Darren Percival, Sarah De Bono and Rachael Leahcar enjoyed a public appearance at Warringah Mall, on Sydney's northern beaches this afternoon.

The former contestants on Channel Nine's 'The Voice' were there to promote their music of course.

Hundreds of passionate fans showed up to offer their support and a few lucky ones who bought CD's of their favourite performers from 'The Voice' got them autographed. Their music can also be enjoyed via iTunes.

Nova sponsored the event.

Music remains a popular medium in the reality TV industry. The Voice (U.S) is currently screening on Australian TV, but has not enjoyed the same ratings success as the Australian version.

We wish all of the performing artists well as their careers continue to evolve in front of appreciative Australian audiences.


iTunes - Sarah De Bono

The Voice (Australia)

Warringah Mall


Channel Nine

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia

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Andy Blue decision on whether to remove #mirkarimi voted as #sfsheriff in 2011 on first day 2012 early voting
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Image by Steve Rhodes
Photos of the rally

Sheriff swearing in ceremony

2009 Iran protests

A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Shelter people not taxes #Firehouse Not #occupysf #ows #oo
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Image by Steve Rhodes
Some more photos

At 20th & Capp

There was a fire in may 2011

iPhone 4 line on launch day at San Francisco Apple Store 426
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

Chris Bank got in line at midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

Joseph Lobato got in line on Tuesday

My interview with them Tuesday afternoon

Photos from Tues & Wednesday

Some of those photos on Demotix

Alexia interviews them

Yukari Iwatani Kane interviews them

(there are pictures of both of them doing interviews in the other flickr set)

A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Maher Sabry talking about @alaa #occupysf #freealaa #nomiltrials #ows
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Image by Steve Rhodes

USA Film Festival - Savage Grace
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Image by williamedia

William Addington -

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Check out these iPhone News images:

Pillow fight was still going on when I left at 7 #pillowfight
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Image by Steve Rhodes
Now all photos are online

A rare use of iPhone flash. I took most photos with my nikon It was not a very iPhone friendly environment

Some photos

Janitors @SEIU87 marching on Mission
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Image by Steve Rhodes
They plan to meet at 2 pm at 101 California to protest if a contract hasn't beem reached

More photos