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Paul Gray
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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer
The Voice Finalists perform live at Warringah Mall, Sydney, Australia

Darren Percival, Sarah De Bono and Rachael Leahcar enjoyed a public appearance at Warringah Mall, on Sydney's northern beaches this afternoon.

The former contestants on Channel Nine's 'The Voice' were there to promote their music of course.

Hundreds of passionate fans showed up to offer their support and a few lucky ones who bought CD's of their favourite performers from 'The Voice' got them autographed. Their music can also be enjoyed via iTunes.

Nova sponsored the event.

Music remains a popular medium in the reality TV industry. The Voice (U.S) is currently screening on Australian TV, but has not enjoyed the same ratings success as the Australian version.

We wish all of the performing artists well as their careers continue to evolve in front of appreciative Australian audiences.


iTunes - Sarah De Bono

The Voice (Australia)

Warringah Mall


Channel Nine

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Eva Rinaldi Photography

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2019.01.30 Ashley Smith, President Capital Pride Alliance on Fox 5 News, Washington, DC USA 6403
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Image by tedeytan
Statement from Capital Pride Alliance: "We are saddened and angered by the continued reports of increased hate and violence against members of our LGBTQ+ community. The recent attack on Jussie Smollet from the TV Show Empire has brought this conversation to the attention of national and international audiences. There is no reason for such attacks, on anyone, ever. We must speak out and join together, work to end hate and advance human dignity, equal rights, and a world free from discrimination and prejudice. The Capital Pride Alliance is committed to working diligently with our partners and the community to create safe spaces for all.
#NoHate #NOH8 #Respect #HumanDignity #EqualRights #LGBTQ+"

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Nis, Serbia
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Image by
"350 jabuka iz Nisa za 350 ppm CO2" - 350 Apples From Nis For 350 ppm CO2"

NGO "Green Key" involved its members and local actors to share 350 apples to
citizens of Nis in local park.*

*With apples, Serbian peasants (actors) spread the story about importance of
climate change problem!
After October, 24th, news on local TVs, radios and newspapers, 10 lectures
held in local schools and University,
people of Nis know what is the meaning of number 350!

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The Breast-Looking One
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Image by Hugger Industries
According to Glenn F, it seems this old Airport base station maybe one of the oldest in operation. It starting failing once a week and then every few days. I replaced it with a new Airport Extreme. The label on the bottom of it says 2003.

I'm running two networks at Hugga HQ actually one for the iPhone and older macs (a G network) and another for the newer Macs, Apple TV, and Bravia Link.

The joke about this old Airport was that it looked like a breast and also a UFO.

I referred to Glenn F's eBook when setting up the networks and his excellent Wi-Fi Networking News blog.

Follow Glenn F on Twitter and his personal blog.

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CNN truck already set up the night before the Apple event
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Image by Steve Rhodes

There were two other tv trucks set up

Some of these photos are also at

Live coverage on many sites starting around 10 am PT

and many more just search for Apple online and look at trending topics on twitter

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Get ready for a new, much more powerful Apple TV - TechCrunch
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Image by DigitalMajority
Shared from TechCrunch

The current Apple TV is nearly two years old. That’s why it’s not surprising to learn that Apple has been working on a new device for a while. This weekend, an upcoming build of iOS 11 for the next iPhone was leaked and contains a ton of information about unreleased...

Apple's iPhone event scheduled for Sept. 12: Report -ZDnet
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Image by DigitalMajority
Shared from ZDnet

Mark your calendars, Apple will announce a trio of new iPhones, and new Apple TV, and an always-connected Apple Watch on September 12, according to The Wall Street Journal. According to the report, Apple is...

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Color TV: GLBT People of Color on Television 044
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Image by PinkMafiaRadio
PinkMafiaRadioEp49 Color TV: GLBT People of Color on Television.

PinkMafiaRadio is covering Outfest LA 2006 on several episodes and we begin our coverage with some clips and interviews from Outfest panel “Color TV: Queer People of Color on Television". You will hear from moderator Jasmyne Cannick (producer of “Jumping the Broom” “Noah’s Arc” Etc) & panelists Deondray Gossett (Co-Director, THE DL CHRONICLES), Maurice Jamal (director/writer, DIRTY LAUNDRY, THE SKI TRIP), LS Kim (Professor of Film & Television, UC Santa Cruz), Alex Kondracke (writer, THE L WORD), Quincy LeNear (Co-Director, THE DL CHRONICLES), Pam Post (Director of Development, LOGO), and Mia Riverton (actress/producer, RED DOORS)

New Oak Bay High school ready for students
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Image by BC Gov Photos
Oak Bay High embodies a partnership and ongoing relationship with the Oak Bay community. The Neighbourhood Learning Centre and the performing arts theatre serve as a reminder that this is truly a school shared by students, families and seniors.

Throughout Oak Bay High, students have high-speed Wi-Fi access and the ability to broadcast their assignments to wireless projectors and Apple TVs found in most every classroom. The project, started in July 2013, cost .6 million.

Learn more:

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Video - Enrique Iglesias - Interview For Poland TV Program 'Co Za Tydzień'
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Image by DigitalMajority
Download/Stream Enrique Iglesias "Súbeme La Radio" Below:
VEVO / YouTube (Lyric):
VEVO / YouTube (Music Video):
Apple Music:


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Image by gTarded
I've had my NASA News iPhone app for a few days and I finally had a chance to get my money's worth with this evening's landing. I was driving downtown Las Vegas and had this on my dash. I took a few screen captures to record the moment. WiFi is not necessary. Now I'm looking forward to the next launch.