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iPhone 4 line on launch day at San Francisco Apple Store 239
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Image by Steve Rhodes

There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

Chris Bank got in line at midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

Joseph Lobato got in line on Tuesday

My interview with them Tuesday afternoon

Photos from Tues & Wednesday

Some of those photos on Demotix

Alexia interviews them

Yukari Iwatani Kane interviews them

(there are pictures of both of them doing interviews in the other flickr set)

What's wrong with this picture
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Image by killermonkeys
From The Times of London.

Take a look at the Washington state. And Oregon. Notice a problem? The hilarious thing is that this is a full spread on the first international news page. It's not exactly complimentary when you see day after day of political obsession along with helpful explanations of this "unique system" and they can't even get the map right. Makes it pretty clear it isn't about the politics, it's about the drama.

Further notice that they do not color in Nevada, which was already won by Clinton (though this could be intentional)

more on this at the blog

Taken on Feb 07 2008 in United Kingdom with iPhone.

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People hoping to get photos signed by Robert Duvall @Castro_Theatre #sfiff
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Image by Steve Rhodes
More photos

Essay on Duvall

Get Low which was shown at the Castro

Check out these iPhone News images:

“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.” ―George Orwell / “1984”
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Image by anokarina
Artomatic For The People, 2017


Playing punk @sfbart 16th & mission They may still be there
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Image by Steve Rhodes
I left about 15 minutes ago

Update: (they're not there anymore) More photos

He didn't find out the names of the bands either

Was part of

Seen and heard on BART this week: Punk and classical, Segway, Skanksgiving

and they wrote

a nice photo set from @tigerbeat of the impromptu punk concert at 16th mission plaza yesterday

Nice IPhone News photos

Check out these iPhone News images:

Farmers Insurance Hawaii
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Image by hawaii
This afternoon I was fortunate to be asked to moderate a panel discussing community engagement on the web. Featured participants included, Civil Beat (Peer News), My Farmers Hawaii, and Anthology Marketing Group. Hosted by Farmers Insurance Hawaii, the conversation was streamed live on the web. And it was followed by a great pau hana gathering.