Big-screen Eee

A few nice high laptop images I found:

Big-screen Eee
high laptop
Image by Irregular Shed
Just to see what it looks like (it looks like this) I hooked up my Eee to one of my 17" monitors and cranked it up to 1024x768 - the highest resolution that it will do out of the box (you can hack your X settings to go higher). Looked nice - and different!

And this is my desk at work. Check the phone on the right =)

Naval ENIGMA machine
high laptop
Image by brewbooks
Die Kriegsmarine (Navy)

With a naval force small in numbers, but technically advanced, the German Naval High Command, in order to offset Allied Naval superiority, adopted a strategy designed to conceal as much as possible the location, intention and movement of its forces.

Forced by its nature to rely on radio communications, the German Navy issued to each vessel from battleship to harbor defense craft an ENIGMA cipher machine to ensure security. Here, as with other services, the dependence on ENIGMA for communications security proved to be disastrous.

Source National Cryptologic Museum

ENIGMA remains the best known German cryptographic machine of World War II.

From Wikipedia - A four-rotor Enigma was introduced by the Navy for U-boat traffic on 1 February 1942, called M4 (the network was known as "Triton", or "Shark" to the Allies). The extra rotor was fitted in the same space by splitting the reflector into a combination of a thin reflector and a thin fourth rotor.

ENIGMA cipher machine collection

i09_0214 094

PD at Grand Rapids Christian High School
high laptop
Image by Kent ISD
PD provided by the KISD Ed tech Consultants at Grand Rapids Christian High School

My Mac in psych watch yay
high laptop
Image by Alin S Living with Autism

Laptops stolen from Newtownabbey Community High School
Police were called on Tuesday, January 12, after staff at Newtownabbey Community High School noticed the laptops missing and an appeal has been launched. The burglary at the school on Rathcoole Drive happened sometime overnight between Monday ...
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Xiaomi enters laptop market with high-spec budget Ultrabook
The laptop boasts some impressive hardware for its price, including an Intel Core i7 CPU and 8GB of RAM. It also comes with two USB ports, a HDMI port and all the usual additions, such as a front-facing camera and headphone port. The laptop also looks ...
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CES 2016: Here's Acer's new high-powered Windows 10 laptop
Acer has revealed a new revision of its high-powered Windows 10 laptop, the Aspire V Nitro Black Edition. The biggest addition for the Aspire V Nitro is the inclusion of an Intel RealSense camera. Acer's pre-CES showcase highlights new members of the ...
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HP's high-end Spectre x360 laptop now offered with a 4K screen
HP's Spectre x360 convertible was one of our favorite laptops of 2015, and now the company is making some upgrades in the hopes that it'll keep its top spot in the new year. For starters, whereas the machine was previously only available with a 13.3 ...
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Laptop buyer's guide for high school pupils
If your budget allows, buy a laptop with a metal body. Battery: Most classrooms don't have enough power outlets for an entire group of pupils so schools don't let children use a power adaptor. Aim for a battery life of at least six hours but aim for ...

High-end laptops and hybrids headline CES 2016 for Dell
The sleek design of the laptop is realized with high-quality materials, like the woven carbon fiber used to ensure it can withstand the realities of working on the move. Meanwhile, support for Dell's existing E-family docking station and compatibility ...
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Rolex and laptop taken after burglars break into Thetford high street building
A Rolex watch and a laptop have been stolen after burglars broke into a building in Thetford's high street. Share link. shares. Thieves made off with the items after breaking into a property in King Stree between 6pm on ...
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