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In the news again! Asbestos, Hello! We knew, where were you all these years?
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Known for 100s of years, and documented from 1934.
See if you can read this article somewhere, it does not mention Canberra and Mr. Fluffy. But many doctors and Health Departments drew attention to it and warned against its mining and use. Especially the Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Dr. Jim McNulty, chest physician with the Health Commission. The ILO in Geneva had a meeting of Medical experts from around the world, including from CSR warned about it, but nothing ever happened!

The Wittenoom mine was threatened with closure by the WA Mines Department, it was closed and sold back to Lang Hancock, the local Dr. there continued to make concrete from the tailings, and the company dumped tailings in the school playground!

Opposed by CSR, and James Hardie, other vested interests....

A comprehensive story from The Bulletin of July 6th 1974. Mentions all the minerals involved etc.
blue asbestos, crocidolite, Amosite, Chrysolite, etc.

Maybe I can find it on Trove....

July 2011: Fun-loving felines play Friskies’ iPad Games for Cats
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Image by Nestlé
Nestlé Purina cat food brand Friskies launched a free series of iPad and Android tablet games for fun-loving felines.

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Scrabble (£5.99)
Sitting on a coffee table the iPad lights up to make a great board game. And, bundled with the free Tile Rack app for your iPhone, it's like the real thing (except it's harder to cheat!).
Need for Speed Shift (£7.49), Pinball HD (£1.79), Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (£0.59)
Great arcade games that make the most of the iPad's speed, graphics and accelerometer.
Epicurious (Free)
The Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List app is always shown in iPad ads. Use it and you'll see why! It includes hundreds and thousands of recipes, and the large fonts coupled with iPad's screen make it a perfect cooking companion.
Movies (Free)
Cinema times, trailers and reviews make the Movies a one-stop-shop for film fans.
TVCatchup (Free)
More a web app than an iPad app, but I keep it on the home screen because it's just so darned good. It's basically freeview digital TV (that's all the channels you'd get from a set top box) on your iPad. It works on your iPhone and your desktop too.
NPR (Free), AP News (Free) and NYT Editors' Choice (Free)
Three news apps from American sources, each with innovative interfaces, made immersive with compelling photography, audio and video.
WIRED Magazine (Free, £2.39 per issue), Popular Science+ (£2.99, £1.79 per issue), Vanity Fair (£2.99, £2.39 per issue)
Reading is clearly the most compelling use-case for the Apple iPad and these three magazines show why. Yes, the pricing is awkward, but the publications spring to life, with glorious design, interactivity and immersion. See an ad for BMW? Tap to see it in action! Reading an article about the solar system? Explore for yourself, rotating the planets with your finger.