Some cool iPhone News images:

Apple Approves In App Purchases for Free Apps
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Image by Photo Giddy
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Panorama Ross Mirkarimi rally
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Image by Steve Rhodes

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Photos of the rally

Sheriff swearing in ceremony

2009 Iran protests

11 foot bridge. 14 foot truck. Poor math skills.
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Image by Chris Devers

Seems like an 18-wheeler collided with the pedestrian bridge over Memorial Drive between the BU Bridge by Trader Joe's & Microcenter in Cambridge.

Apparently the driver could neither perform simple math (a 14 foot tall truck is higher than a bridge with an 11 foot clearance) nor read simple English ("NO TRUCKS").

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The story ran earlier on Universal Hub, along with lots of fun & informative commentary about what happened, why, and how this can be prevented in the future -- resepectively, "he seemed to be lost", "he missed a turn into Microcenter / he was an idiot", and "monster trap".

Bostonist used this version of the photo (there were of course lots of others, it happened hours before I got there, see UH for more) on their Bite Size News piece for today. But the link on their site is broken, so you just have to trust me on that one. I guess. [UPDATE to UPDATE: Bostonist may have fixed the link. Or not. I'm having 50-50 luck loading it. Go figure.]

A sampling of the other photos (some of which will stop working, because Twitpic sucks but people keep using it anyway):

* @laurelatoreilly's photo on twitpic
* @npyritz's photo on twitpic {--- this one is really good
* Picasaweb, "MyDedham": truck wedged under the bridge (1 of 2)
* Picasaweb, "MyDedham": truck wedged under the bridge (2 of 2)
* Picasaweb, "MyDedham": closeup of the shredded cab under the bridge

A few nice iPad News images I found:

Adrian Weckler's Essential Apps
iPad News
Image by Bernie Goldbach
An excellent round-up for 2012 iPad newbies from Adrian Weckler in the Sunday Business Post.

iPad as a reader
-- Kindle
-- Instapaper
-- Feedly
-- Comics

Keeping on top of things
-- Evernote
-- Find my iPhone

Having Fun with Photos
-- Adobe Photoshop Express
-- iPhoto
-- Snapseed
-- iMovie

Telly Addicts
-- RTE Player
-- BBC iPlayer Global Edition
-- SkyGo
-- TED
-- YouTube
-- OPlayer HD

Ear to the App
-- Sticher
-- TuneIn Radio
-- Wall of Sound

Get Creative
-- Garage Band
-- Paper bt FiftyThree
-- Skitch

Apps for News Junkies
-- Financial Times
-- Zinio
-- The Onion
-- The Sunday Business Post
-- Pulse
-- Zite
-- Bloomberg
-- The Economist
-- Intelligent Life
-- The Daily Mail

Game On
-- Letterpress
-- Plants v Zombies
-- Peggle HD
-- Angry Birds Star Wars
-- Minecraft: Pocket Edition
-- NOVA 3
-- Draw Something
-- Osmos for iPad
-- Sim City Deluxe
-- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
-- FIFA 13
-- The Room
-- Need for Speed Most Wanted
-- Avengers Initiative

Learning with your iPad
-- Shakespeare in Bits
-- Wikipanion
-- Chrome
-- Google Search
-- Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary
-- Birds of Britain and Ireland (Pro Edition)
-- Leafsnap HD
-- Starwalk for iPad

Food and Health
-- Pocket Body
-- Nigella Quick Collection for iPad
-- iCook
-- Epicurious
-- Total Baby
-- eBay for iPad

iPad for Kids
-- Toca Tailor
-- Hay Day
-- Peppa Pig's Party Time
-- Me Books

Sport, Travel and Reference
-- Atlases
-- Google Translate
-- Wifi Finder
-- TripAdvisor
-- Sky Sports for iPad
-- Eurosport Player

Keeping Up with Social Media
-- Facebook
-- Twitter
-- Osfoora HD
-- Gmail
-- Skype
-- Pinterest
-- WordPress
-- LinkedIn
-- Hootsuite

It's App to Work We Go
-- QuickOffice Pro HD
-- eFax
-- Expensify
-- Teleprompt+ for iPad
-- iWork

NewsLoop - iPad App Launch Event
iPad News
Image by NewsLoop - Your Local News Magazine App
Launch of NewsLoop iPad App at TAB. 17 July 2012.