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Glass Mosaic: Vesuvio Café in North Beach, San Francisco.
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Image by CoDiFi
Vesuvio Café in North Beach, San Francisco, CA.

Photographs in this collection have been produced by Heather Do, Connor Rowe, Kathleen Markham, Alison Lowrie, Kenneth Chiu, Katie Salmond, Diana Chavez, Elena Toffalori, Ashley Vink, Aimee O'Dea, Liz Dolinar, Allison Barden, Justine Khoury, Daniele Alaniz-Roux, and Justin Thach at the request of Michael Ashley for the UC Berkeley Anthropology 136e class, Spring 2011. The purpose was to digitally document the cultural heritage of Vesuvio Café, its spatial relation to City Lights Bookstore and its presence as a cultural landmark in the North Beach community.

Vesuvio Cafe, (37.79757°N 122.40625°W), located in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, is a cultural landmark of the bohemian era and beatnik culture. Vesuvio Café is housed in the Cavalli building, which was built by Italo Zanolini in 1913 and expanded to a second story in 1918. Established by Henri Lenoir in 1948, Vesuvio Café was a frequent hang out spot for a number of artists and writers, including Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac and Dylan Thomas. Jack Kerouac Alley, which connects City Lights Bookstore with Vesuvio, displays a number of murals and cobblestone quotations from famous writers. Because of its rich cultural history and contributions to mid-century American literature, we hope that Vesuvio will be recognized as an important world heritage site.

Photographs in this collection were shot on April 11, 2011 between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time under semi-cloudy and sunny conditions. Photos were captured on the following cameras: Canon DSLR XTI/T2i, S95, Sony Cybershot, Canon Powershot. Lenses used include: Macro 60mm, Telephoto 70-200, Canon T2i 18-55mm, Canon XTI 17-85mm. A tripod was used for timelapse, Gigapan, macro, telephoto, HDR, and photogrammetry shots. iPhones were also used for documentation shots and Geo-tagging. The photos were post-processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

Description written by Kenneth Chiu and Alison Lowrie.

All photos Copyright ©2011 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley CA, licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 For more information, contact Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley, CA, 94720 or visit:

For more information about Vesuvio Café, visit:


Original Filename: ANTHRO136SP11_VVO_Cam25-23.dng

Baltimore Rage
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Image by Poster Boy NYC
You can replace property.
You can't replace a life.

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