A few nice iPhone News images I found:

I forgot what my hair looks like blown straight, so I blew it out
iPhone News
Image by craigemorsels
Bad news: without prompt, as soon as Jeff saw me, he said, "wow, your
hair looks really good."

Good news: it really didn't take very long at all. But let's see how
well it survives the wind and cold air outside before making any rash

Earrings from Malaysia. Same jeans as yesterday. They were ready and
waiting for me on the floor this a.m. Necklace bought at a street fair
first year I lived in NYC. The street fair seemed so novel then.

Got some unsettling news today about an impending wisdom tooth extraction horror show. Thanks for nothing, nature.
iPhone News
Image by StJohn79
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the sky news iphone app always entertains me before bed.
iPhone News
Image by philcampbell
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