A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Channel 10 news reporter on his mobile phone before the next media crossover
iPhone News
Image by heidi_d

iPhone 4 line on launch day at San Francisco Apple Store 300
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

Chris Bank twitter.com/sbanker got in line at midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

Joseph Lobato twitter.com/takeoverLA got in line on Tuesday

My interview with them Tuesday afternoon


Photos from Tues & Wednesday


Some of those photos on Demotix


Alexia interviews them


Yukari Iwatani Kane interviews them

(there are pictures of both of them doing interviews in the other flickr set)

A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Person speaking on microphone fur collar winter brown coat looking at iphone phone performing spoken word poetry - Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Event - Toronto Train Stopped at Dufferin Street and Bartlett Avenue in Toronto - Saturday, February 8, 2020
iPhone News
Image by Jason Hargrove
## Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Event - Toronto Train Stopped at Dufferin Street and Bartlett Avenue in Toronto - Saturday, February 8, 2020


Photographed the protest at Dufferin Street and Bartlett Avenue in Tkaronto Toronto. A dance party that shut down CN rail, blocking a crossing on the rail 馃拑 馃拑

Saturday, February 8, 2020, 11:00am to 6pm.

The event was peaceful and the march was enjoyed without major incident. The Toronto Police were professional and the event resolved peacefully with no arrests. The weather was cold, and sunny.

Search #WetsuwetenSolidarity #WetsuwetenStrong on Twitter


## Indigenous Youth Demands

鈥淥ur demands as Indigenous youth in solidarity with Wet鈥檚uwet鈥檈n are as follows:

- That you do everything within your power as a Canadian politician to ensure that the following demands of Wet鈥檚uwet鈥檈n Hereditary Chiefs are met, and provide proof of your efforts to meet the following demands via direct contact with the youth

- That the RCMP and associated security and policing services be immediately withdrawn from Wet鈥檚uwet鈥檈n lands, in agreement with the most recent letter provided by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination鈥檚 (CERD) request

- That the province cease construction of the Coastal GasLink Pipeline project and suspend permits
- That the UNDRIP and our right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) are respected by the state and RCMP
- That the provincial and federal government, RCMP and private industry employed by CGL respect our laws and our governance system, and refrain from using any force to access our lands or remove our people
- That the BC Premier and relevant Ministers meet with Wet鈥檚uwet鈥檈n Hereditary Chiefs to receive and adhere to these demands

## Wet'suwet'en Resistance Camp

The Unis始tot始en cabin and resistance camp is a reoccupation of the traditional, unceded territory of the Wet始suwet始en First Nation.[1][2] The camp was set up in 2010 by hereditary chief as a means to block access to Wet始suwet始en territory by pipeline related industries.[2] Some members and all the hereditary chiefs of the Wet始suwet始en First Nation feel they have a sacred duty to protect the land from harm and preserve it for future generations, though several elected Wet'suwet'en band councils signed agreements to build the pipeline.[3] Located 1,200 km (740 mi) by road from Vancouver, BC and about 130 km from the town of Smithers,[4] it is on the shores of the Wedzin Kwah and mouth of Gosnell Creek. These are all tributary to the Skeena, Bulkley, and Babine rivers. Members of the Unis始tot始en clan, First Nations peoples, and other supporters staff the camp.[5][6]


## About Wet'suwet'en

Wet始suwet始en (also rendered Hwotsotenne, Witsuwit始en, Wetsuwet始en, Wets始uwet始en) are a First Nations people who live on the Bulkley River and around Burns Lake, Broman Lake, and Francois Lake in the northwestern Central Interior of British Columbia. The name they call themselves, Wet始suwet始en, means "People of the Wa Dzun Kwuh River (Bulkley River)".[2]


## Jason Hargrove + news

New site ships this weekend sometime, beginning with the bot-assisted Likes blog => jasonhargrove.tumblr.com/post/190558339034/new-site-soon-...


iPhone 4 launch at San Francisco Apple Store 162
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes

There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

The line wasn't as long by the time I returned to get a phone around 3 pm that afternoon, but I was warned the wait could be five hours

It turned out to be about three hours (which still was long enough that some people left the line even though they had reserved a phone).

Photos from the early line Tues & Wednesday


Some of the photos on Demotix



Some cool iPhone News images:

Stop dropping your phone with some help from this grip - Mashable
iPhone News
Image by DigitalMajority
Shared from Mashable

Hey iPhone users, pay attention.Image: Momo stickBy Team CommerceMashable Deals2017-11-11 12:45:57 UTC

Are you the type of person who needs a bulky, steel-reinforced phone case to make sure you don't destroy your phone on a daily basis? There's no shame in that;... digitalmajority.com/news-feed/latest-news/stop-dropping-y...

Police rush #fuckColumbus march w/batons Not #occupysf #oo #ows #osf
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
More photos



Apple Iphone 6P/6PLUS(5.5") Vpoint New Fashion Design Hard Protect Skin Case Cover Shell for Mobile Cell Phone Apple Iphone 6P/6PLUS(5.5") -blue shadow yarn

Apple Iphone 6P/6PLUS(5.5
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V.POINT is a enterpraise that is people-oriented and adovacting science, and it is runing the camera protective containment and the phone containment, as well as the digtail 3C products. we believe and respect the staff in our firm. we pursue the best achievement, and pursue the best stuation. we all should be justic, we should not cheat the clients and the staff, more importantly, we can not the immoral things. the sucess of the firm should be achieved by all of us, not just someone else. we all should keep creating something new, and have the flexiability to do our jobs. we should believe that using your heart can create the value and get the success.

List Price: $ 8.98


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HTC One M7 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Cell Phone - Silver

HTC One M7 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Cell Phone - Silver
  • Display: 4.7-inches
  • Camera: HTC UltraPixel
  • Processor Speed: 1.7 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as with GSM SIM cards (e.g. H20 and select prepaid carriers). Unlocked cell phones will not work with CDMA Carriers like Sprint, Verizon, Boost or Virgin.

The HTC One features a 4.7" full HD display and is powered by the Snapdragon 600, a quad-core chip, plus an enhanced stereo sound.

List Price: $ 399.99


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Nice New Cell Phone photos

A few nice new cell phone images I found:

New Bag
new cell phone
Image by kate e. did
Hello, and welcome to the Etsy version of "What's in My Bag." Please sit back and enjoy the tour.

Yay for #71 on Explore!

Dude, he's STILL taking my picture! Can't you make him stop?
new cell phone
Image by Ed Yourdon
It was hard to resist taking several pictures of this young woman: she seemed so clean-cut, attractive, and well dressed as she stood in the square while chatting on her cell phone.

She then marched back and forth several paces, then went into the entrance to the 72nd Street subway station, came back out again, marches around, continued chattering on her cell phone, and occasionally glanced at me with a puzzled look as I snapped several pictures. A good ten minutes went by until she finally disappeared for good into the subway station, still chattering away on her cell phone...


Note: this photo was published in a Sep 16, 2009 blog titled "NY銇ф祦琛屻倠銈傘伄." I have absolutely no idea what it means, but I'm glad the blogger liked my photo... It was also published in an undated (2009) blog titled "Are You Reaching Women Entrepreneurs? " I don't know what the photo has to do with entrepreneurs, but hey, who am I to judge? It was also published in a Nov 25, 2010 Bargain Babe blog titled "Using social media to score big this Black Friday." And it was published in a Jun 3, 2011 blog titled "Is the FCC Downplaying Potential Risks from Cell Phone Radiation?"


This is part of an evolving photo-project, which will probably continue throughout the summer of 2008, and perhaps beyond: a random collection of "interesting" people in a broad stretch of the Upper West Side of Manhattan -- between 72nd Street and 104th Street, especially along Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.

I don't like to intrude on people's privacy, so I normally use a telephoto lens in order to photograph them while they're still 50-100 feet away from me; but that means I have to continue focusing my attention on the people and activities half a block away, rather than on what's right in front of me.

I've also learned that, in many cases, the opportunities for an interesting picture are very fleeting -- literally a matter of a couple of seconds, before the person(s) in question move on, turn away, or stop doing whatever was interesting. So I've learned to keep the camera switched on (which contradicts my traditional urge to conserve battery power), and not worry so much about zooming in for a perfectly-framed picture ... after all, once the digital image is uploaded to my computer, it's pretty trivial to crop out the parts unrelated to the main subject.

For the most part, I've deliberately avoided photographing bums, drunks, drunks, and crazy people. There are a few of them around, and they would certainly create some dramatic pictures; but they generally don't want to be photographed, and I don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of them. I'm still looking for opportunities to take some "sympathetic" pictures of such people, which might inspire others to reach out and help them. We'll see how it goes ...

The only other thing I've noticed, thus far, is that while there are lots of interesting people to photograph, there are far, far, *far* more people who are *not* so interesting. They're probably fine people, and they might even be more interesting than the ones I've photographed ... but there was just nothing memorable about them.

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