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How to install the iOS 13 public beta on your iPhone
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From inside empty retail space earlier #WorldHomelessActionDay Not #occupysf #oo #ows #osf
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Image by Steve Rhodes
Usually at Homes Not Jails actions, there are few if any police, a building is taken over and police move in the next day when there is a landlord citizens arrest (see photos below)

But today, there are lots of police and they moved in not long after a building next to 533 Castro st was occupied which had been empty for years

Some past photos

A year ago the same day occupy Oakland took over Oscar Grant plaza


Photos from Saturday's anti capitalist protest ( probably one of the reasons why there are more police)

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Selling the Public Press to people waiting in line at iPhone 4 launch at San Francisco Apple Store
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There were long lines when the iPhone 4 went on sale at 7 am on Thursday, June 24th

The line wasn't as long by the time I returned to get a phone around 3 pm that afternoon, but I was warned the wait could be five hours

It turned out to be about three hours (which still was long enough that some people left the line even though they had reserved a phone).

Photos from the early line Tues & Wednesday

Some of the photos on Demotix

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I can't believe I forgot to mention the TinEye Music iPhone app to Brad when we'd been chatting the night before his talk. And much later on the Zap Friday, Paul and Leila from Idée arrived with the news their app was now live on the iTunes store.