A few nice iPhone News images I found:

Line for Radiohead's newspaper, The Universal Sigh, at Amoeba San Francisco
iPhone News
Image by Steve Rhodes
I still have about 70 photos to edit and more of the ones here to add the iphone photos which were taken


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You can see the iPhone photos they took of the people who got papers at




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A man looked at the hundreds of people in a line which began on Haight Street in front of Amoeba Music San Francisco and snaked into a McDonald's parking lot and asked, "What band is playing?" "A newspaper" was the response from a man in the line. "A newspaper?"

But it wasn't just any newspaper the mostly young crowd was waiting for. It was Radiohead's The Universal Sigh which featured art and writing with an environmental theme which was distributed for free in cities around the world. Most let their photo be taken with iPhones to be uploaded to the paper's website.

Ally Roarty and her friend who gave her name as Britney S. gave out the papers and took photos with their iPhones.

Maxime Stinnett who teaches a student DeCal class on The Life Lyrics, and Music of Radiohead at UC Berkeley, bought the band's new album on vinyl at Amoeba and waited in line to get copies of the paper to use in teaching his class.

A woman arrived and parked her car in the street as the last people in line got their papers. She hadn't been able to get a copy of the paper at another distribution site in the Mission which ran out of the paper, so she drove to Amoeba and was able to get The Universal Sigh.

iPhone News
Image by Andrew Currie
Fortunately this one's just a display model; terrifyingly, you can buy the real thing from SoftBank...

A supporting photo for this blog post.

Diana Speed in the Con
iPhone News
Image by Steve Bowbrick
Listen to Diana preparing to hand over to Charlotte Green for the 8 p.m. news on Audioboo.