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Bernier's Back on Tour - Richmond
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Image by BC Gov Photos
Minister Bernier visited William Cook Elementary in the Richmond school district (SD 38). At William Cook, students use iPads and tablets to practice mental math strategies and share their progress with their teachers and parents on the FreshGrade app.

Twenty-five years ago, Mike Bernier toured the Province with his rock band "Final Cut". Now, as Education Minister, he's back on tour visiting schools and seeing BC's new curriculum in action and the innovative learning happening in classrooms. He's connecting directly with teachers, students, parents, educators and administrators - covering every region of the province.

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Some cool iPhone News images:

Mashable U.S. Summer Tour - DC 2010
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Image by brendanlim

Shaggin wagon
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Image by MrDays
NT News 02-10-09

Update 13 Oct 09.
In today's Letters to the editor

Moral Standard is Declining
A relative recently alerted me to the front page headlines of the 'Northern Territory News' for Friday October 2, about the couple in a police van ('Shaggin Wagon').
I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. The moral standard of the media is declining, but this is way beyond the pale.
Is there nothing better to inform the public (including the yound and families) of, except for a sleazy story presented in such a manner?
You really need to clean up your act if this is your way of attracting readership.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Mrs C V Phillips, Burswood WA.

(NT News) EDITORS NOTE: We're sorry if we offended you way over there in WA, Mrs Phillips. We don't set out to offend but we do like to offer our readers a little light-heartedness when we can among the often bleak headlines that dominate the other media

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Image by Steve Rhodes
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Mashable U.S. Summer Tour - DC 2010
iPad News
Image by brendanlim

AEA Minneapolis Sketchnotes - Nicole Sullivan
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Image by Mike Rohde
Sketchnotes and photos captured in Minneapolis, MN for An Event Apart 2011, August 8-9, 2011.

Check out my AEA post on for more info on my sketchnotes.

You can download a 6.5 MB PDF version of these notes, convenient for printing or viewing on an iPad.

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